Tako means octopus, so "Takoyaki" is octopus balls. It usually costs 50 yen for one ball and sold for a set of more than 6.

  • "Wanaka" near Namba Grand Kagetsu theater is recommended.
    This shop offers salt instead of thick sauce.takoyaki-making
  • You can try Takoyaki-making at "Kinshu" near Osaka Castle Museum.
    Kinshu: 30minutes, 735yen, OPEN9:00-10:30,13:00-16:00, TEL06-6941-1504


Yoshoku means western food developed in Japan.



This is a Japanese version of pancake.
Ingredients are wheat, water, egg and sliced cabbage.
You can choose the toppings such as squied, pork, cheeze, etc. At the finishing, the pancake is covered with date taste sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed powder.

  • "Yakizen" in Namba has the separated iron plate, so those who don't eat meat can make sure that your pancake doesn't include any meat.
    Hozenji yokocho, Namba


"Kushi" means skewer. "Kushikatsu" is various ingredients fried on skewers.

  • There are many shops offer Kushikatsu in Osaka.
  • "Daruma" has many chain shops in Minami area.
  • Meat shop "Sakamoto" in Shinsekai offers Kushikatsu at the counter.

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