CHOICE チョイス 075-762-1233

choice choicefood


Near Sanjo station. 京阪三条駅から東へ1分。鈴木形成外科ビル1F

  • Vegan restaurant
  • Set menu:about 1000yen, course menu:about 4000yen(reservation is rquired, only Mon-Fri)
  • Mon-Sat: 10:30-21:00, Sun: 10:30-18:00

TOSCA Vege cafe & Dining トスカ 075-721-7779

Near Kyoto University

Very good Macrobiotic menu.

  • Tue, Wed: 11:30-15:00 (L.O.14:30)
  • Thu, Fri, Sat:11:30-15:00 (L.O.14:30), 17:30-22:00(L.O.21:00)
  • Sun, Mon, Closed

PRUNUS プラナス 075-862-2265

In front of JR Saga-Arashiyama station (2nd floor of the building, no elevator)

Very good location.

  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotic, Organic, Gluten-free (Better call beforehand)
  • Lunch 12:00-14:30(L.O.) 1620yen-,
  • Dinner 17:30-20:00 2160yen- (reservation required)
  • Closed on Mon & Thu (Pls. check on website)

RAJU Shitijo branch ラジュ七条店 075-531-2626

Near Sanjusangen-do temple or Shichijo station.

Saiin branch 075-315-5656
Ukyo-ku, saiin tatsumi-cho 4, Yamato Saiin 4F

  • Indian restaurant
  • Vegetarian menu available upon request

TAJMAHAL EVEREST タージマハールエベレスト 075-703-9200


  • Indian
  • Vegetarian menu available upon request

Falafel Garden ファラフェルガーデン 075-712-1856

5minuts walk from Demachiyanagi station.

  • image of falafel restaurantIsraeli food
  • Open: 11:30~21:30(L.O.21:00)
  • No holiday

Ikemasa いけまさ 075-221-3460

Nishiki market

  • Open 7:00-17:00
  • Closed Tuesday
  • Menu: Kyoto vegetable dishes

Bio tei  びお亭 075-255-0086
Near Karasuma-oike Sta.

  • Organic. Ask for vegetarian
  • Open:11:30-14:00, 17:00-20:30
    [Thu only lunch, Sat only dinner]
  • Closed: Sunday, Monday, Holidays
  • Menu: Bio tei lunch 840yen


Kinatei 喜菜亭 080-6119-6105

For Vegans.kinatei

Neither meat or onions, garlic are used.

Address: 21-5,Sugigamachi, Nara city

奈良市杉ケ町25-1 生涯学習センター前


  • Lunch time:11:30-14:30
  • Set menu 1500yen, Kaiseki course 2500yen, Chinsese course 2500yen
  • Dinner service is on reservation basis.

Kyo Kozuchi 薬膳料理 京小づち 0742-22-1440


10mins walk to South from Kintetsu-Nara station.

〒630-8365 奈良県奈良市下御門町21 

  • Medicinal food.
  • kozuchi11:30-21:00
  • Closed on Thursday
  • Neither pork or beef is used.
  • Small portion of chicken or fish could be included.
  • Photo shows 1365yen lunch set.

Yuri-no-sato Shinra-juku あすか癒里の里森羅塾 080-3861-0078(Chef's mobile phone ) shinrajuku dinner
(only in Japanese, worth visiting with your tour guide)

In Asuka village.

  • Macrobiotic (Of course vegetarian & organic)
  • Lunch 2000yen, Dinner is only for in-house guests.
  • Reservation required

Asyura あしゅーら 0742-24-0890

  • Vegetarian, Organic
  • Open 12:00-20:30
  • Closed Wed & Thu

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