Osaka 1-day tour

Osaka prefecture has everything! Modern buildings, traditional area, castles, temples, shrines, industrial museums, UNESCO’s world heritage site, Universal Studio Japan, etc.

Here is the model classic tour focusing of Osaka city.

9:00 Departure (Don’t leave too early. Station areas are packed with commuters.)

9:30-10:30 Enjoy the view from Umeda Sky Building This unique building opened in 1993.

11:00-1:00pm Osaka Castle

Don’t think this is just a reproduction from 1931. This is the place to learn Japanese history. Hideyoshi Toyotomi made this place as an administration center of Japan in the late 16 century. Osaka castle museum exhibits historical artifacts.

When it rains, I recommend Osaka Museum of History (Closed on Tuesday)to overserve the castle.


Enjoy late lunch. Don’t ever think enjoy lunch between 12:00-1:00pm. It is the golden lunch time for business people.

You can pick up reasonable restaurants in Dotonbori area or eat at Kuromon Market.

Doton-bori refers a moat and a street along the moat. You can spare Dontonbori until your night out.

Department Stores also has a floor for good restaurants.

Department stores sell expensive products. If you wear miserable clothes, you are not treated well.

Let’s go back to your hotel temporarily to regain your energy for night out.

As for transportation, taxi is easy to use but public transportation is also convenient.

After all taxi takes you to dot to dot, but trains and subways give you the opportunities to know the life there.

Osaka Metro (subway) offers reasonable tickets.

Kumano Pilgrimage route

Animals in Kyoto

People from other parts of Japan and Asian countries visit Osaka to enjoy the day. You don't need to admire the beauty of gardens or sculptures.
Visit and explore the site below, you will be exausted but merrier after the visit.

aquarium USJ dotonbori tsutenkaku
Kaiyukan Aquarium Universal Studio Japan Minami Shin-sekai

Osaka event Guide is useful.


Compared to Kyoto and Nara, Osaka doesn't have many historical buildings such as old Buddist temples or Shinto Shrines with beautiful gardens. But there are some facilities you can learn history and culture of Osaka.

osaka castle bunraku puppet tea ceremony
Osaka Castle Bunraku Puppet theater Home visit program


There are many greenery in Osaka, natural or artistic. If you like walking and feeling the fresh air, visit the sites below.
expo 70 minoh midosuji
Expo '70 Park Mino Fall Midosuji Avenue


Manufacturing industry developed in Osaka. There are many companies offering factory visits. If you like architecture, why not exploring in Osaka? You may find buildings designed by famous architects.

nisshin ando tadao
Factory Visit Architecture

How to travel economically in Osaka

With Kansai Thru Pass (ticket/card), you can ride on subways, private railways and buses in Kansai region (*JR is not included) as much as you like. Kansai region includes not only Osaka but also Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Koyasan, Himeji, Arima and so on. 3day ticket:5,000 yen for Adult(2,500 yen for Child), 2day ticket 3,800 yen for Adult (1,900 yen for Child)
See more on Kansai Thru Pass page.

The vicinity of Osaka

Osaka is the hub. You can take a one-day or short tour to other interesting cities.

costumu museum deercookie inujima island kurasiki a-bomb dome
Kyoto Nara


Kurashiki Hiroshima